Video Production in Santa Barbara County

 Video Production in Santa Barbara County

A recent study predicts that by 2019, 80% of all Internet traffic will be video. Another related study predicts that by 2018, 72% of all mobile traffic will be video. (Cisco)

For businesses, video is an important trend. In a new survey, 64% of marketers said that video would dominate their strategy in the near future. (Nielsen).

Internet connections are faster than ever and they’re getting faster. It’s easier to make video today so more video is available. It all adds up to people pursuing information on video. They go to YouTube. They watch videos on Facebook and Twitter. They get videos from friends in text messages.

Marketers realize this change and are acting appropriately. The future of marketing in many situations will require video as not just a part of the strategy, but a major part.

Video Production Services in Santa Barbara County

Social Spice Media is a digital marketing agency in Santa Barbara County. We’re proudly based in Camarillo, California and work with organizations close to our office and in surrounding cities including Santa Barbara, Goleta, Solvang, Buelton, Lompoc, Santa Maria and others Santa Barbara towns and Santa Barbara Cities. Video Production has been an important part of our efforts in recent years. We see the value video brings to our clients in Santa Barbara County and we have worked to create videos that help our clients connect with customers. On the surface, creating videos might seem easy. Just grab your iPhone and start shooting. That is one way to make video, but if you’ve seen online video you know the difference between something done on a phone and something created professionally. Social Spice Media is proud to create professional production videos because we know it’s the best way to help our clients achieve their marketing goals with a video strategy.

What to Expect

Our video production process includes a few important steps:

  • Business Assessment & Goals
  • Video Strategy Proposal
  • Scripting
  • Production
  • Marketing

Business Assessment & Goals

First, we listen to the goals you have for your business. We look at your current marketing strategy and determine how video will best help grow the company to achieve your goals. We also find the true style and personality of you and your company so that can come through in the videos to be created.

Video Strategy Proposal

After getting to know you and your company we get to work on building a video strategy. We present the proposal to you. It will be what we think is best and we can work to ensure you and every other stakeholder is on board before we commence.


Now it’s time to execute the video strategy. We get to work on scripting for the videos. This involves a bit of storyboarding and getting prepared for shooting the video.


Next up is the production. This involves the shooting for the video, but that’s only part of the production. Before shooting, we make sure everything is setup and prepared and after shooting we get to work on editing including adding appropriate music and sound so that your videos are professional and effective. Marketing Once the videos are created the work is still not done…at least not if you want the videos to be successful. Once the videos are done we get to work marketing the videos for you. This involves publishing the videos online in the appropriate places. We ensure that all videos are optimized for search so your target audience can find them and we share in other channels like social media, email and more.

Ownership & Pricing

You are the owner of all video content created. Video pricing is variable. It depends on the length of video required and the type of video being created. There are many different video lengths: 30 seconds, 60 seconds, etc. There are also many different types of video including marketing videos, stories about your company’s history and much more. We’ll provide all of our recommendations in the video strategy proposal.

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