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Video Production

Visual Storytelling

The visual medium is one of the most striking forms of communication and storytelling you have access to today. High quality video production suggests professionalism; it can tell your company’s story more creatively and efficiently than written words ever could. It’s no wonder that video streaming services like Youtube and Netflix are consistently responsible for the highest volume of bandwidth usage during peak hours. With the advancement in modern video production, you would be surprised by how affordable a professionally crafted video highlighting your business actually costs.

Here are a couple of stats that you should consider when you’re incorporating a video on your business website


Internet users watch at least one video a day.

90%of shoppers said they find video reviews/ads helpful when making purchasing decisions
Average Internet user watches 16 minutes and 49 seconds of online video ads per month.

Video Advertisements have an average click-through rate of


higher than any other digital ad format.

Here are two videos we recently produced for our clients.

Rick Pena – Keller Williams Realty

Pleasant Valley School District

There is unrivaled power to telling your company’s story through visual media. The numbers don’t lie: there is a high demand for high quality video promoting your products. Social Spice produces sleek videos for businesses to highlight their products. Hire us to produce a video and receive the following benefits:

  • Dynamic pricing based on video length.
  • Custom video script highlighting your company’s strengths.
  • Product videos to highlight your preferred products.
  • Professional voiceover recorded by in-house voice talent as selected by the client.
  • Review and approval every step of the video creation process.
  • You own the rights to content created for your video.

Bring your online marketing efforts to the next level by hiring Social Spice Media to produce your very own video. We will explore your options and ultimately create a video you will be proud to show off!