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Web Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

Our dedicated server hosting is a customizable experience with different amounts of storage for all of your website’s needs. Dedicated server hosting means that there is only one website on the server. You choose what services you want and can purchase additional resources as you see fit for your company’s website. Different packages will include a variety of resources to develop your website. You can choose from dedicated server plans that are self-managed, managed, or fully managed. All of our plans provide access to our support team via phone to answer any questions you may have regarding your site.

Self-Managed Dedicated Server Plans

Come with less managed services, and you will need to be proficient in operating systems. If you’re not intimidated by Linux, then this is the plan for you. There are no additional managed services included in this package, but you will have root access. This means you have the ability to edit all of the files on your server and perform several other tasks.

Managed Dedicated Server Plans

Don’t require as much technical dexterity as self-managed plans and they include a user-friendly control panel. You will have access to several managed services such as daily backups and security scanning, and can gain root access upon request.

Fully Managed Dedicated Server Plans

Are ideal for people who don’t know much about the technical sides of websites. You can leave it up to us to handle every aspect of your website and you’ll have access to an extensive amount of managed services.

Our website service is just as reliable as our customer service – we have dependable software to make your website resilient. We can do whatever you need on our dedicated server hosting.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Our Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting allows up to 100 websites on the server. There are different plans available for storage and RAM depending on your website’s needs, and you’re able to choose the type of control panel you want.

Each website gives the user complete control of the settings on their own VPS for easy management. You’ll receive access to support from our team via phone, as with all our hosting plans, and don’t have to go through several automated menus to reach us. VPS hosting provides automatic backups, security scanning, and applications with easy installation. Your website is monitored and guaranteed to perform without fail.

WordPress Hosting

Our WordPress hosting is a reliable and efficient way for you to manage your account easily. It can only host WordPress websites and does not host e-mail accounts. The user has access to the website administration, but not the server itself. This type of hosting is built for efficiency and you can expect a no-fail system that performs with alacrity. WordPress hosting gives you additional layers of security and protection for your website. You can expect a site that will perform well and not at leisurely speeds with website hacks. Our support team will also be available for this type of hosting should you have any questions or concerns.

WordPress hosting gives you access to a fast server with a variety of tools to build and expand your website. We can create a custom plan based on your website’s needs and find a unique theme to create a dynamic website that is engineered for success.

Get in touch with us

Our goal is to create a hosting platform that is reliable, secure, and efficient for all your business needs. You can trust your site in our hands regardless of the hosting plan you choose. Get in touch with us to discuss which hosting option is best for you and discover your website’s success and potential today.