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Website Development

You want to look sharp. An updated, eye-catching website is a direct reflection of your company. It’s a key element to creating success online and building your company’s credibility.

Since most of us aren’t superhuman, responsive websites are the next best thing for an always-on business. Websites are nearly as important (and in some cases more important!) as the physical storefront. While a brick-and-mortar business has defined operating hours, restricted by the physical limitations of your workforce, your website is open for business twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Potential clients can get to know your company while you’re at home with your family. They can learn about your business, request quotes, and make purchases while you spend time with your kids. Imagine the opportunities to grow your business if your store was staffed at all hours!

Statistics via Pew Research, Forrester Research, and Margin Media.


of American adults own a smartphone


of American adults own a tablet


own a desktop or laptop computer, but that number is declining as smartphone usage rises


of cell phone owners access the internet


  • Design

    If your website looks tired, so does your brand. Engage your users with fresh graphics, appealing copy, and assemble it neatly. An organized and clean website will draw users in and keep them on your site longer.

  • Content

    Demonstrate your expertise and communicate your message with effective copy. Maintain a blog to produce new content and keep users updated.

  • SEO

    Stay in first place on search engines and make it effortless for users to find you. Our experts have the knowledge and strategies to keep you high in search rankings.

Before and After Websites

Hover image to see how Social Spice modernized our clients sites.

What you get in partnering with Social Spice Media

  • A phone consultation for our team to understand your company, your goals, and your vision
  • Customized website pages with engaging content
  • SEO to keep you at a higher ranking than your competitors

  • A mobile-friendly site
  • Website hosting on our servers
  • A design that grabs attention and has aesthetic qualities

We Save You Time and Money