What Call To Action Should You Have On Your Homepage?

What Call To Action Should You Have On Your Homepage?

Your homepage communicates what your website is all about. If you’re in business, then it shows what kinds of services or products you offer. If you’re a blogger, your homepage likely shows your latest content and gives readers an idea of the kinds of things you write about. For most of your visitors and customers, your homepage will be responsible for making a first impression. You have the opportunity to make a positive or negative one depending on how well you set things up. A call to action doesn’t just communicate what your main priority is as a business owner; it also shows your visitors what value you have to offer them. Although there aren’t any catch-all solutions for call to actions, it is important to have one. Here are some thoughts on what call to action you should have on your homepage.  

Think About What You’re Trying To Accomplish 

Before you do anything else, it’s important to go back to your goals to think about what you’re trying to achieve. Do you want to get more email subscribers? Are you trying to increase your social followers? Would you like your readers to buy more of your products? There are some fairly obvious things most website owners hope to accomplish with their online presence, but it’s important to be thinking about the number one thing you want to do, because that needs to be prioritized over anything else. Moreover, you have to be thinking about your funnel. If your goal is to increase sales for a particular service, what’s the most effective way to get there? Should you ask for the sale directly, or would it be more advantageous to get those people on your email list, engage them with great content, and then ask for the sale? You need to be thinking about the visitor’s journey from start to finish. Your goals should definitely factor into what your call to action is going to be.  

The Different Types Of Call To Actions You Can Use 

When it comes right down to it, there are a lot of different kinds of call to actions you can use on your website. Here are several different ideas you can use as inspiration: • Download our free report. This type of call to action could take a number of different forms, but the goal is always the same; to turn a reader into a lead. You could give away PDFs, whitepapers, reports, templates, and other types of documents to get your reader to opt in. • Fill out the form below. You may want to send your readers to a landing page where they can enter their information into forms to download a free guide. You may also want to offer a simple call to action like “joint our email list” with a form they can fill out on the spot. Whether you’re looking to generate more leads or email subscribers, you should have forms somewhere on your site, and your homepage is not a bad place to have them. • Please share this site with your friends. Your goal might be to increase the exposure of your website through social media. Asking your readers to share your web address is a great way to increase engagement. • Contact us. If your goal is to get your visitor to get in touch with you for a quote or to discuss their new project, then you may want to ask them to contact you. You could offer a phone number or an email address where they could reach you. You could also have them enter their information into a submission form where you can contact them. • Try it for free. If you have a service or product (most likely a SaaS app) that your visitors can try out for a limited time, this could be a good call to action to use. If your visitors discover that they “can’t live without” your product after their free trial period, they’ll be compelled to upgrade to a paid subscription.  

Final Thoughts

Again, there are different call to actions for different situations. If you know what you’re offering and what your business objectives are, it makes it a lot easier to determine what your call to action should be. Of course, you may want to experiment and try different things. The first call to action you come up with may not be as effective as other alternatives, and this could also be affected by your industry and the type of person you’re appealing to. Also, if you’re looking for help with your social media marketing, consider partnering with us to reach your goals!