Why A Business Blog is A Valuable Asset To Your Company

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Why A Business Blog is A Valuable Asset To Your Company

Business blogging is becoming progressively more popular amongst online companies who are looking to expand their reach, increase sales, or attract a new or broader audience – and with good reason. Through the creation of blogs, companies can give quality examples of their work and create a more distinct identity for their business, which in turn builds a more attractive business model and allows for an expanse of that business. What business blogging ultimately does is three important things – it establishes brand awareness, builds credibility and expertise, and connects businesses directly with customers and the general public through mutual interest. In this blog, we will cover these three key aspects of business blogging and why they are valuable to your business.  

Expanding Brand Awareness  

  Successful businesses have a solid online presence and are generally well represented in regard to their brand mission and influence on the marketplace. Business blogging is not only one way for brands to showcase their successes, but also to establish more awareness of their brand and mission.   A great example of a company that expands their brand awareness through business blogging is Taco Bell. You wouldn’t assume that one of the largest fast-food chains in the United States is active in setting up scholarship foundations and promoting up-and-coming bands. However, through its business blog, you can read about just that. Through blogging, Taco Bell successfully reestablishes brand awareness, involvement in the community, and solidifies themselves as one of the top fast-food restaurants in the nation.   Another perfect example of successful business blogging and a rendering of solid brand awareness is the outdoor clothing and gear company Patagonia. Their main market is the clothing and outdoors industry, but they also advocate highly for environmental activism. Their business blog, “The Cleanest Line” further establishes their brand mission, and solidifies what they stand for within their industry, and in the world of environmental activism. Writing about their influence on environmental activism is one way (in combination with physically helping environmental causes) that Patagonia gives back to the community. The general public appreciates and values businesses that give back, whether it be through a charity, environmental activism, or simply advice in the areas that a business specializes in. By highlighting their involvement for their blog audience, Patagonia sets a wonderful example of the value of business blogging.    

Proving Credibility and Expertise

  A business blog also establishes credibility and reinforces expertise in the services and products that a particular company provides. Rather than simply existing as a business and assuming that people will know your expertise, business blogging directly proves it. Businesses that have a blog are able to display more expertise in their field and retain more credibility from consumers.   The social media and job finding service LinkedIn is yet another example of a business that blogs and successfully establishes credibility and expertise. LinkedIn has even expanded as far as teaching full online courses, which further establishes their business as credible. The saying, “you’re never fully a master of something until you teach it”, explains one part of the incentive for starting a business blog; it gives you the chance to prove mastery in your field. Consumers are more likely to choose to do business with companies that have more knowledge of their industry, product lines, or have solidified their brand awareness, which is another great reason to start business blogging.   Whole Foods Market offers a Tips, Ideas and Recipes section on their website which is a collection of blogs that showcase their expertise in the products they sell. In their tip blogs, they suggest ideas such as “How to Store Fresh Produce So It Lasts Longer” and “How to Pick an Avocado Like a Pro” which proves their credibility within the produce industry. Blogging about what to do with their products allows them a way to give back to their customers by providing information and helpful tips. Again, consumers appreciate when businesses give back, and helpful business blogs do just that while also proving your expertise.    

Connecting With An Audience

  One of the biggest benefits that make business blogging a valuable asset is its purpose in connecting your brand, company, or service to an audience. Connecting with your audience makes people appreciate a brand even more than they already do. By making blog posts about what your business is doing with tips or suggestions for consumers, you allow for interaction and discussion amongst that audience which benefits your business and the consumer in positive ways!   Website users like to interact with the businesses they buy from. By connecting with your audience through blogging, you open up your business for valuable feedback that will help you to further expand and grow. Getting feedback from customers, both positive and negative, is good for any business, and business blogging allows for that in online discussion.   Connecting with your audience also opens you up to increased networking opportunities. As more people read your blog or even reference your blog in theirs, more exposure is created, and your brand will ultimately gain more networks. If a new or potential client reads your blog, that act alone could influence them to utilize your services more often.  


  Business blogging is an essential and valuable asset, whether you have a new, immerging, or well-known business. Through expanding brand awareness, proving credibility and expertise, and connecting your audience, a business blog ultimately makes any business look better. It’s both a tool for you to allow your business to expand, and a resource that customers within your network, as well as potential customers, will utilize. The benefits of having a business blog are vast, so there’s no better time than now to start yours!   Are you looking for help with writing or getting your business blog started? Social Spice Media provides complex packages that will improve the exposure of your business or organization. In congruence with your marketing goals, we’ll increase the digital presence of your business through social media marketing, business blogging, and email marketing. Our talented web developers will improve the appearance of your website and business as a whole.   Do you know someone who could benefit from our services? Refer them to us today! Our team is eager to connect with businesses in any industry. We serve the local needs of Ventura County and Santa Barbara as well as anywhere in the United States.