Why Summer is the Best Time for Social Media

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Why Summer is the Best Time for Social Media

For seasonal businesses and any company executive looking to hit the ground running with an effective campaign, picking the right time to plan your social media strategy is crucial. Social Spice Media reveals why summer is the best time to implement a social media marketing campaign for your Ventura County business.

Things Grow in the Summer

We’re not talking about vegetables when we say things grow well in the summer. Rather, certain industries that thrive in the summer should be doing everything they can to increase sales, brand awareness, and advance their marketing goals. According to Social Media Today, summertime spending reveals that 87% of Americans spend their money on socializing, 65% spend it on dining out, and 51% spend at least $1,000 on a vacation. Pay attention to these trends to make the most of your social media strategy, especially if your business falls within those industries. You can spread the word about recent promotions, seasonal sales, and even create events to inform people who may want to attend. Developing a social media strategy is also key because it helps plant a seed in a consumer’s head. They see your product or service and want to learn more. This seed turns into a sale overtime through social media. That is, if you utilize the social media platforms effectively and consistently.

Paying Attention to Seasons

If your industry is seasonal, then it is pivotal to capitalize on the seasons that drive sales and revenue up for your business. For instance, is winter known as off season or slow for business? It is crucial to develop a social media presence and continue posting during these times. This way, your target audience is aware of your brand and can be loyal to you even when sales are not accelerating. You create brand awareness that informs potential customers of your company and enhance your reputation through a well-thought out campaign.

Time and Research

Even if summer is not your busiest time for sales, it is important to establish a social media presence as soon as possible. When you hand someone your business card, or they find out about your company, then they are going to visit your website and your social media channels. If they can’t find you, then it is highly unlikely that they are going to spend much time searching for you. Social media tells a story and offers potential customers an easy way to find information about your business. You have the opportunity to research what works during the summer months and gather some data to guide you during your busiest seasons. The research phase helps you better understand what kind of content your audience is interested in and what performs well to set you up for long-term success. Social Spice Media is a digital marketing agency in Ventura County specializing in social media marketing, lead generation, and delivering results-based campaigns for a variety of companies. Get in touch with us today to strategize your social media marketing plan. We’re here to help.