Why You Need Reliable Web Hosting

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Why You Need Reliable Web Hosting

In this day and age, there is definitely no shortage of web hosting services available for you to choose from, but finding a reliable web hosting service is more important than ever. Which begs the questions; How reliable are all the web hosting services out there? How should I know what to avoid or what to look for when shopping for a web hosting service? To answer those questions, let’s first take a look at some ways in which web hosting services can fail their clients:

Data Center Issues

Natural disasters, building maintenance, and electricity issues can create a number of issues problems for a web hosting service. These data center issues can cause hard-drive failure, which may result in your website to be down for an extended period of time. Researching the location of the hosting service you’ll be choosing can give you insight into whether these issues may occur.

Acquisition of an Existing Web Host

If an existing hosting service is acquired by another business, the transition of data from one to the other may cause issues for your website. Although you will most likely be given the option to stay with a specific web host through its transition, finding a reliable host that isn’t going to make any transitions in the foreseeable future ensures that your website will not experience any unnecessary issues. A quality web host will also be able to successfully migrate your website to their servers without hiccups in service.

Unexpected Increase in Website Traffic

A web host’s ability to handle unexpected spikes in website traffic is unfortunately not always a certainty. A web host with plentiful backups will allow for such a situation, and most quality services should provide that. Just be aware, however, that this will most likely increase your hosting fee.

Website Loss Due to Lack of Backups

Websites can be lost, and data used for analytics may not be recorded if a web host does not have sufficient backups for their client’s websites. Making sure that any web host you choose to use has sufficient backups is very important. A reliable web host should have all of the data for your website backed up, and should be organized to ensure that your website does not suddenly get lost. Now that we’ve looked at the characteristics that can make a website hosting service unreliable, let’s focus on the qualities of a reliable service:


The reliability of a web host is a very important aspect to take into consideration when shopping around for hosting. Ensuring that a web host is reliable should be a top priority of businesses and individual seeking a web hosting service. With apps such as Yelp and LinkedIn, it’s easier than ever to research whether a web hosting service that you’re interested in is reliable.


Making sure that a chosen web host has secure servers is an aspect of choosing a web host that is of the upmost importance. Security is key, as infiltration to web host servers can cause entire system failure, which may cause issues to your website if a web host server is not secure.

Customer Service

Customer service is another aspect of a web host that should be one of the most important aspects of a reliable web hosting service. It’s important to be able to keep in contact with your web host directly in order to ensure that your website is functioning properly. A quality web host will provide quality, responsive customer service to all clientele. At Social Spice Media, our staff is responsive to all needs and inquiries of our clients.

Other Things to Keep in Mind When Deciding on a Hosting Service

The Needs of Your Website

Depending on the needs of your website, you may be able to use a free web host (such as wordpress.com) or you may need to pay for web hosting. Aspects such a domain name and website accessibility often cost extra depending on what you are looking for. Typically, paying for web hosting will result in better service.

Account Limitations

If you have any limitations for the website you plan on getting hosted (such as cost), this can affect which web host service you may be choose. Account limitations can hinder your business, which is why finding a versatile web host is important. Social Spice Media provides affordable web hosting that caters to all your web hosting needs.

Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs of your website may be hefty and are an aspect you should remember to take into consideration when looking for a web host. The costs of monthly website maintenance can vary in the range of approximately $5 to $5,000. With such a large variance of costs, it’s important to understand the needs of your website. Social Spice Media offers affordable, inclusive packages that keep maintenance costs at a minimum in comparison to ulterior web hosting services. Web hosting services can be beneficial to anyone looking for a reliable way to keep their website running smoothly every day. Many services, however, have failed their clients through having data center issues, failing to migrate a site correctly after the acquisition, not being able to host properly after increases in website traffic, and the complete loss of websites due to lack of backup. Although there are many ways that a hosting service can fall short of their duties, the qualities of a dependable service such as reliability, stable security, and wonderful customer service define these great hosting services. When looking for a host for your website, it’s important to keep in mind the needs of your website, any account limitations you may have, and the maintenance costs of that host in conjunction with your budget. Are you looking for a reliable web hosting service for your website? Social Spice Media offers varying packages for web hosting services. With reliable customer service, our software is just as dependable and ensures that your website excels in the digital world. Get in contact with us today for your web hosting or digital marketing needs!