Why You Should Be Google Certified

Why You Should Be Google Certified

A Google certification can help you stand out from the crowd in a competitive world. Why is it important to become Google certified? One word: credibility. Google is one of the biggest companies in the world, and accreditation from them is like a stamp of approval. If you want to prove you’re an industry expert, a Google certification is one way to do that. It’s important to become Google certified because potential clients want to do business with trusted professionals. To receive certification, people undergo extensive training, coursework, and testing. When you receive a Google certification, it means you’ve learned from some of the best in your industry. No matter how much experience you have, there are so many reasons why these certifications can help improve your business or career. If you’re still wondering whether you should be Google certified, keep reading!

Why Google Certifications Matter in Marketing

Google offers a variety of certifications, but if you’re a marketer, you’ll want to look into one of the company’s Google Ads offerings. A Google Ads certification will improve your company or career by advancing your knowledge about digital marketing tools and practices. In a digital world, businesses navigate Pay-per-click (PPC), a method that drives traffic to websites. While many agencies offer PPC services, it’s not easy to find those that can deliver them effectively. In the marketing world, a Google Ads certified specialist can help people save time, money, and frustration with the insider knowledge needed to navigate advertising on the largest search engine in the world. Clients are more likely to do business with a PPC advertising company that has been certified by Google than one that has not. According to Statista, Google accounts for 92.47 percent of the search engine market. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, also offers services like mail, productivity tools, enterprise products, mobile devices, and so much more, which earned an estimated $181.69 billion in 2020. Alphabet also happens to lead the industry in digital advertising sales. Every company should be interested in advertising on Google, and a Google Ads certification could position you to help them do that. Google certification courses teach people how to perform in-depth analyses with tools like Google Analytics. These analytics help people understand customer habits, engagement, and brand interaction on digital platforms. It’s important to understand this data to make better decisions that can increase revenue. When you’re Google certified, there are even more benefits to look forward to.

The Google Certification Industry Edge

Among the many benefits you’ll receive with a Google certification, an industry edge is one of them. One of the biggest advantages that will help position you above the competition is the social proof that a Google Ads certification can provide. Social proof is evidence that other people can vouch for you or your business. A consumer survey conducted by BrightLocal reveals most people who shop online read reviews before making a purchase. When people are considering trusting you with their ad spend, they want to know that their business is in capable hands. When you receive a Google certification, you’re showing people that the most popular search engine in the world can vouch for your industry knowledge. These types of recommendations increase people’s trust and improve conversion rates. A Google Ads certification shows potential customers that you went above and beyond to learn from the best in the business. You can also increase your value proposition by receiving multiple Google Ads certifications. A Google Ad certification is also a requirement for companies who want to be recognized as Google Partners. Google Partners are companies recognized for running successful campaigns for their clients. Google requires their partner companies to have 50 percent of their employees certified as Google Ad specialists. With all of that considered, let’s explore the various certifications Google is offering.

Which Google Certification Is Best for You?

Google is helping people advance in a number of industries by offering certifications in the areas of IT Support, Data Analytics, Project Management, UX Design, and Android development. In the world of marketing, Google has several certifications worth considering. Google’s Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Certificate has been endorsed by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (the 4A’s) and the American Advertising Federation (AAF). This is a standout course for people who want to learn how to reach people with online tools or increase their e-commerce sales. If you’re ready for Google to recognize you as an online advertising expert, you’ll need to get a Google Ads certification. The six Google Ads Certifications are as follows:
  • Google Ads Search
  • Google Ads Display
  • Google Ads Video
  • Shopping ads
  • Google Ads Apps
  • Google Ads Measurement

Google Ads Search specialists:

Gain knowledge about building and optimizing Google Search campaigns. These certifications are given to people who prove their ability to create automated solutions using tools that will improve campaign performance and reach marketing goals while staying on budget. When you’re Google Ads certified, you’ll be recognized for the ability to create digital marketing strategies, Google search strategies, and increase leads, sales, and web traffic.

Google Ads Display:

Certifications are available for people who can prove how to develop marketing strategies using targeted display advertisements. Google recognizes these certified specialists for increasing people’s awareness, consideration, and retention while reaching new people using Google Display.

Google Ads Video

Certification is given to people who learn to create YouTube and Google Video advertising solutions. Google recognizes people with this certification for their knowledge of how to leverage video in the advertising space.

Shopping ads

Certifications are given to people who learn to create and optimize shopping campaigns. People with this certification are recognized by Google for understanding retail business, shopping ad campaigns, and shopping ad policies.

Google Ads Apps

Certifications are given to people who learn how to impact businesses with campaign creation and advanced optimization strategies. Google will recognize people with this certification for their expert knowledge in creating app campaigns that enhance app quality and discoverability.

Google Ads Measurement

Certifications are available for people who can prove their ability to measure digital ad performance. Google will recognize these certified specialists for their ability to understand and improve Google Ads performance based on metrics.
A Google Certification can help position you to attract more clients and improve your business, but it can also be an overwhelming process. With some of the best in the business, you can trust the Google-certified Social Spice Media team to handle all your Digital Marketing needs. Call us at 805-482-8312 to get started.