Wine Not Use our Digital Marketing Services?

Wine Not Use our Digital Marketing Services?

No, that’s not a typo in the title. Social Spice Media has years of experience developing social media campaigns for the wine industry, so we know that about which we pun. We don’t boast without reason though. Our President, Jonathan Boring, has spent twenty years working with The California Wine Club, which positioned him well to help others in the wine industry. (Psst…have you checked out the Boring Wine Guy on Facebook?) The Social Spice team has also worked with several clients in the wine industry including Gainey Vineyards, Ponte Winery, Pietra Santa Winery, Haywood Winery, and The California Wine Club. Here are just a few of the reasons to work with us to promote your wine business and increase new business. After all, quality is an important element in good wine!

Our social media team has the experience to get you noticed.

You had me at Merlot. I enjoy long, romantic walks down the wine aisle. Who uses a wine stopper? Our social media team has the humor, wine puns, and high spirits to get wine lovers engaged through social media. They have experience crafting engaging wine content for social media channels and pay attention to the things that matter to the wine snobs of the world. They know that Wine Wednesday is an important day to your audience, and that harvest is a great time for live updates. Our team knows the right questions to ask to get them sipping talking (and shopping). We can’t give away all the secrets to success on social media – you’ll have to work with us to see for yourself.

Have you seen our websites?

We’ve transformed websites to make them look fresh and sharp. You won’t “wine” about slow business because a high-end website will entice customers to spend time shopping your products, picturing themselves among the vines, attending your exclusive wine events, and reading your witty wine blog. Your new website will have everything it needs to be successful, especially when you add SEO.

Our results are all the proof you need.

We want you to be number one. Our digital marketing professionals work tirelessly to come up with new ways to increase engagement, keep you positioned at the top of search engines, and create effective marketing campaigns to engineer authority for your brand online. Not to brag, but we’ve achieved some pretty impressive results for our clients.

We’re a well-rounded digital marketing agency.

We’ve done social media, video production, custom graphics, advertising campaigns, and SEO for our wine industry clients. We offer comprehensive services and have even co-branded with the wineries that The California Wine Club has worked with that we have produced videos for. We have the services and connections to bring you success – we don’t just stop at social media. We can give you all you need and more to thrive in the wine industry and get your wine customers involved with your company. Our attractive, affordable pricing fits all budgets and with help you stand out amongst your competitors in California’s large wine market. There are close to 4,000 wineries located just in California, and we want to help your wine business thrive and excel.

We know the secrets to enjoying a good wine.

What more proof do you need to know we’re the experts for the job? We know the secrets to enjoying a good wine. Open the bottle, let it breathe, and if it doesn’t look like it’s breathing…give it mouth to mouth. When you know the secrets, you have the keys to marketing success. Don’t make a “pour” decision and choose a different agency to handle your digital marketing.

Whether or not you decide to work with us, we know that everything happens for a Riesling reason! Wine not use our services? Get in touch with us so we can be your partner in wine…ahem, crime…and we can start expanding your influence online today.