Wow Your Customers in 2 Minutes or Less: Why Video Ads Reign Supreme

Wow Your Customers in 2 Minutes or Less: Why Video Ads Reign Supreme

Whether you’re introducing yourself to someone new, writing an article, or trying to dazzle your coworkers during a presentation, it’s important for you to capture your audience’s attention with the first few moments. The same is true of marketing. While many businesses opt to create custom content (such as blogs, social media posts, etc.) to draw in potential customers, others are thinking outside the box by diving into video marketing. Social Spice Media offers the following reasons why you should start creating video ads for your business:

Increase Overall User Engagement

Did you know that 90% of your customers or prospective customers watch videos from their mobile devices? And according to data from YouTube, the amount of videos watched via smartphones and other mobile devices increases by at least 100% each year. As long as your audience continues to migrate to mobile Internet consumption, you should meet your viewers where they are. You’ll increase the chances of being able to effectively communicate and engage with your audience by creating videos and video ads that appear on popular mobile apps, like Facebook and Instagram.

Increase SEO Ranking

Adding videos into your digital marketing strategy will help boost your Search Engine Optimization ranking (SEO). By incorporating a 2-minute (or less) video on your website or on social media, you’ll increase the amount of time viewers spend engaging with your brand. Ever since Google bought YouTube, videos have become increasingly important in terms of search engine rank. With videos, you have an increased likelihood of having your website appear in the first few pages of a Google search related to your products or services.

Boost Conversions/Sales Numbers

With Facebook ranking as the top social media network followed by YouTube in second, you’d be wise to include videos in your marketing plan. In short, videos encourage social sharing. According to the Content Marketing Institute, Internet users are 10 times more likely to engage with a brand’s videos versus its blogs or social media posts. Bonus points if your videos are not only informative but entertaining as well.

Showcase a Product or Service in a Creative Fashion

Numbers from HubSpot state that 53% of audiences crave more video content from marketers. And almost 52% of those marketers believe that video content has the best return on investment for businesses. Often times, the features of your product or service are best showcased through a video tutorial, review, interview, or in-depth explanation versus a written piece of content. Standalone ads may not be enough to convey certain types of information and some of your viewers may be visual learners who won’t get enough insight about your services from just your blog.

Show Off Brand Personality

You’re more than just a name, and your prospective customers should know that. Show off your brand’s personality through the videos you produce and make an effort to be more relatable with your viewers. You’ll not only solidify who you are as a company but increase your brand awareness. Here’s an example of one of our custom-made video ads for New Era Debt Solutions that shows of the business’s personality: For help creating compelling visuals for marketing posts and videos, check out one of our previous blog posts. Our video marketing services start at $250 per video. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our video marketing packages and other marketing tools you can leverage to gain optimal exposure.