Your Guide to Google, SEO, and Other Digital Marketing Needs

Your Guide to Google, SEO, and Other Digital Marketing Needs

Google is a dynamic search engine regularly updating its platform and best practices to deliver searchers the most optimal user experience. With increasing searches, especially across popular social platforms like Facebook and Pinterest, Google wants to make searching effortless for its users. They also don’t want to lose their “googlers” to other search engines or social platforms. So what do they do? They adjust and compete.

Appearance is everything.

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately, you have to when it comes to social media and search presence. Google is changing the way users see search results with several new enhancements. Companies now have more control in choosing what users see. You are able to edit your business information through your Google My Business account and take advantage of some unique, new features. Add photos and business posts to create a cohesive profile to enhance your branding and demonstrate your authority in your industry. Maintaining a presence on Google is critical, especially for SEO purposes, but more on that later. Google likes to see that you regularly add new content to your website. For instance, utilizing an effective, weekly or bi-weekly blog schedule to deliver your customers with up-to-date information. Accurate, updated information should also be reflected in your Google My Business profile. If potential customers are using a search engine to find your business, you want to stand out amongst your competitors on that search results page. Creating a well-rounded profile by using these new Google features can boost your appearance. Let’s face it: we know searchers will trust the high rankers on page 1 with a plethora of valuable information compared to the businesses with missing fields and little to no information on what their business does. When your profile looks complete on Google, you add credibility to your business.

Becoming a social butterfly.

Because making a connection is crucial in this dominantly digital world, Google has upped their social game. Search results now look more like social profiles. It seems Google is trying to fit in with Facebook, Twitter, and social channels alike to maintain a place in the competition. Who would’ve thought Google would have to compete with social media giants and secure a place in the inner circle? It is not a challenge to find people, businesses, or any other relevant information on social media. Google wants to maintain its relevance by adding these new features. The search engine’s desire to become a social butterfly gives us a hint that we may see more social features emerge as our digital world continues to develop.

SEO: What are the benefits?

Google likes when you play with Google products. Not utilizing Google to its full extent could cost you a ranking position or two. Being able to compete for ranking positions depends on a variety of factors, Google being one of the most important tools to use. Directly interacting with a prominent search engine in the sphere of digital marketing is key to getting more brand exposure. One of the benefits to updating and customizing your Google search results is the accessibility boost. Google likes to make searching easy. If it’s too complex, their users will go elsewhere. This effortless searching is also tied to SEO. Utilizing Google’s new features and tools gives you a leg up in the competition. We offer a variety of digital marketing products to get your business noticed. Get in touch with us today so we can create a custom digital marketing package designed to enhance your brand’s visibility and help you engineer authority in your industry.